Ag Crime Prevention Tips

Tips to Prevent Agricultural Crime

  • All properties should be fenced, gated and well lit.
  • Ideally, install security cameras in strategic locations of the nursery with a tape backup.
  • When security cameras are in use, it is imperative that lighting is placed at the same angle as the camera, and not facing the camera. A common mistake occurs when the area lighting faces the camera. This results in the camera only capturing a silhouette instead of a clear image of a subject that can be used for identification at a later date.
  • Maintain an easily accessible list of the serial number of equipment and the vehicle identification number of all motorized vehicles, such as trucks, tractors, golf carts and trailers.
  • Engrave equipment and all tools with an Owner Applied Number.
  • Enclose pumps in a cage or other structure.
  • Remove keys from equipment.
  • Limit key holders.
  • When possible, store materials not visible from the roadway.
  • Only order of materials as needed. Do not order surplus quantities.
  • Nurseries using black planting pots should cut the plastic strap that secures the pots in a stack fter they are delivered.
  • Secure valuables in locked storage areas.
  • If available, have a caretaker live on the property.
  • Advise the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center (760) 339-6311 of all suspicious incidents, like suspicious buyers, people selling chemicals, planting pots or other equipment.

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