Deputy Recruit

A Deputy Recruit is a person who has not passed a California  Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) approved Basic Academy. They are hired with the purpose of having them pass a law enforcement academy and become full-time peace officers.

Recruits are General Members for retirement purposes until they possess a Basic Certificate, at which time they will become Safety Members of the retirement system.

All recruits must meet standards set by the California Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training. Click on this link for selection standards:

Applicant Preparation Guide for the POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB)

In addition to meeting the above selection standards applicants will be required to pass the Deputy Sheriff’s Physical Agility Test which consists of the following timed events:

99 Yard Obstacle Course (Maxium points = 248 @ 14 seconds): Run a 99 yard obstacle course consisting of several sharp turns, a number of curb height obstacles, and a 34 inch high obstacle that must be vaulted.

Body Drag (Maximum points 61 @ 2.7 seconds): Lift and drag 165 pounds lifelike dummy for 32 feet.

Chain Link Fence (Maximum points = 120 @ 4 seconds): Run 5 yards to a 6 foot chain link fence, climb over fence, and continue running another 25 yards.

Solid Fence Climbing (Maximum points = 224 @ 4 seconds): Run 5 yards to a 6 foot solid fence, climb over fence, and continue running another 25 yards.

500 Yard Run (Maximum points = 50 @ 54.3 seconds): Run 500 yards (Equivalent to 1 lap plus 60 yards of a standard running track)

Maximum points 703. Minimum passing score 384.

 For additional information on becoming a Deputy Sheriff contact Sergeant Jimmy Duran by filling out the form below:

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