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female work crewImperial County Sheriff’s Office Establishes First Female Offender Work Crew

Sheriff Raymond Loera and Director of Public Works Mr. William Brunet have partnered for roadside cleanup since 2013.  To date, the roadside crews have been made up of male offenders.  As part of the Sheriff’s Office commitment to providing equal access to the female offenders, they began their first all-female work crew last week.

Although there are fewer workers on this crew, they are still committed to helping remove litter in the community.  Since the inception of the partnership, the roadside work crews have logged over 4,800 work hours, removed 1,924 bags of trash, each weighing approximately 50 pounds, and walked over 396 miles.


Sheriff Raymond Loera named Red Cross Humanitarian of the Year!
2013 Red Cross Humanitarian of the Year

Correctional Officers Galindo and Arreola named 2013 Red Cross Heroes in the category of law enforcement!
2013 Red Cross Heroes in Law Enforcement

Imperial County Sheriff’s Office Partners With Imperial County Public Works
Sheriff Raymond Loera and Director of Public Works, Mr. William Brunet partner for community cleanup efforts. The Sheriff’S Office and Public Works have been working together to create an inmate work crew to provide roadside litter removal and various cleaning details in Imperial Valley.
Public Works is funding a Correctional Services Assistant position for the Sheriff’s Office to oversee the work crews. Public Works has also provided a van, complete with trailer and port-a-potty. The Sheriff’s Office is providing low-level offenders from the Herbert Hughes Correctional Center as the workforce.
The first work crew set out in the new van on February 19,2013. They have since cleaned up at the Calexico Holtville, Ocotillo, and IMperial landfills. They have also removed approximately 141 (50 gallon) bags of litter from Evan Hewes Hwy.
With funds from Assembly Bill 109, the Sheriff’s Office will also be partnering with Imperial County Probation to form a Day Reporting Center for Imperial Valley offenders seeking rehabilitative programming and under court supervision. A second inmate work crew will be formed out of the Day Reporting Center and offenders needing to complete community service hours will be utilized to fulfill the second crew.

State of California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Grant
The Imperial County Sheriff’s Office Off Highway Vehicle Enforcement Safety Team  is applying for the 2013-2014 State of California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle  Recreation Grant.
The grant draft is now available  at www.ohv.parks.ca.gov  for public comments and review. If you would like to see a draft of the grant  proposal or have any comments, please contact Laura Bowen at (760)339-6391 or PO Box 1040, El Centro, CA 92244.
Raymond Loera

Border Sheriff’s Coalition Comes to Imperial County

Imperial County Sheriff’s Office raises $1,000 for Haiti Relief

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