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How do I retrieve items that were recovered or seized?

You can call our Scientific Investigations Unit at (442) 265-2064 and schedule an appointment to retrieve your property. No property will be released without an appointment. All gun releases require a California Department of Justice law Enforcement Gun Release (LEGR) for release.

How do I get a ticket signed off?

All ticket sign-offs require an appointment, and will only be done on the following days:

South County

North County


Salton City

How do I get a copy of a report for my records or insurance?

Call the Sheriff’s records division (442) 265-2125 during business hours 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Please have your report number handy. If you do not have your report number, be prepared to provide the date, time, location and the names of the parties involved.

How can I become a volunteer with the Sheriff’s Office?

Contact our VolunteerServices coordinator, Sr. Deputy Yvonne Naud at (442) 265-2095  for information.

Jail Visitation Questions

Do you have an online listing of inmates in your custody?

Yes- the VINES link lists all inmates in custody.

How can I find out if someone is in custody?

You can call the Jail Information number at (442) 265-2220. They can check to see if someone is in custody.

What days can I visit?

Inmate visitation is based on the Inmate’s housing assignment.

Click here to download the Jail Visiting Hours Schedule

Click here to download important Jail Visitation Rules

Or you can call the inmate visitation number at (442) 265-2220 to find out the visitation days of a particular inmate or visit the following website

How can I get someone bailed out of jail?

The jail accepts bank cashier’s checks for the exact amount of bail, US currency and bail bonds.

What is my court date?

We do not give court date information.

What can I wear to visit?

No low cut shirts, no shorts shorts, and no tank tops allowed.

What can bring to an inmate?

You cannot bring anything to an inmate.

What is VINE Link?

VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) is an automated system that will notify you of an inmate’s release from jail. You must register by using the VINE link to be notified of an inmate released from custody.

When will the inmate be released?

Releases are done when release paperwork is processed.

How much time did the inmate get sentenced to?

We do not give inmate sentence information. The inmate knows his sentence time.

How can I send money to an inmate?

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