You can mail a money order up to $20, or a bank check for more than $20. The check must be made out to “Imperial County Sheriff’s Office.” Put the name and booking number of the inmate on the check.

What identification is necessary to visit an inmate or leave money?

You need to have a government issued ID with your photo on it.

What identification is necessary to bring a child to visit an inmate?

A parent or legal guardian may bring in a child of an inmate. A legal guardian must bring paperwork showing guardianship.

Can I drop off mail in the front office of the jail?

No- all mail must be mailed through the US Postal Service.

What can I bring in with me when I visit?

You may only bring in your identification and keys to your vehicle. Purses, bags, or brief cases are not allowed.


Court Services Questions

I carry a pocket knife with me, so can I enter the court house with the knife.

You are welcome; however your pocket knife is not.  We recommend that you leave it in your vehicle or at home.

Do I have to submit to the weapons screening?

All persons, including state court employees are subject to the weapon security screening. Your failure to submit to the screening will result in you being denied access to the buildings.

Is there handicapped access to the courts?

Yes, the El Cento, Calexico, and Brawley courthouses all have handicap access.

Where is the public parking located?

The public parking for the El Centro Court is located on the corner of 10th and State Street.

The parking Lot for Calexico is adjacent to the Court facility.

The parking for the Brawley Court is located adjacent to the building.

What’s the physical address for the courts?

El Centro Court is located at 939 Main Street, El Centro, Ca.

Calexico Court is located 415 4th Street, Calexico, Ca.

Brawley Court is located at 220 Main Street, Brawley, Ca.

Calling 911 Questions

911 is an emergency response service provided by the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office to assist the citizens of our county with receiving law enforcement, fire, and ambulance assistance during crisis times.  Sheriff’s Office Public Safety Dispatchers man special emergency phone lines 24 hours a day so that the citizens of Imperial County may receive help as expeditiously as possible.  At the same time as they answer 911 calls, Sheriff’s Office Public Safety Dispatchers also answer non-emergency calls on regular phone lines.

When should I call 911?

911 Emergency calls should be made only in cases such as a crime in progress, a fire, a medical emergency or similar threatening cases. A possible 911 situation can involve something you see – a burglar breaking in to a neighbor’s house, a fire or an automobile accident.  It can also involve what you hear – a woman screaming or yelling, “Don’t hit me again”, gunfire, an explosion or glass breaking.

Is calling 911 when you do not really have an emergency a crime?

YES.  According to California Penal Code 653x, it is a misdemeanor to dial 911 unless you are doing so to report a true emergency.

When should I NOT call 911?

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