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How do I get a ticket signed off?

See if I have a warrant?

Get a Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) License?

Sign up for a Fingerprint/LiveScan Service appointment?

Get a Vehicle Release (impounded vehicle)?

Get a copy of a Crime/Incident Report?

How can I verify if someone is in jail?

How can I get a booking number?

What days can I visit?

How can I get someone bailed out of jail?

What is my court date?

What can I wear to visit?

What can bring to an inmate?

What is VINE Link?

When will the inmate be released?

How can I send money to an inmate?

How much time did the inmate get sentenced to?

What identification is necessary to visit an inmate or leave money?

What identification is necessary to bring a child to visit an inmate?

Can I drop off mail in the front office of the jail?

What can I bring in with me when I visit?

Do I have to submit to the weapons screening?

Is there handicapped access to the courts?

Where is the public parking located?

What’s the physical address for the courts?

How do I retrieve items that were recovered or seized?

Calling 911 Questions

911 is an emergency response service provided by the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office to assist the citizens of our county with receiving law enforcement, fire, and ambulance assistance during crisis times.  Sheriff’s Office Public Safety Dispatchers man special emergency phone lines 24 hours a day so that the citizens of Imperial County may receive help as expeditiously as possible.  At the same time as they answer 911 calls, Sheriff’s Office Public Safety Dispatchers also answer non-emergency calls on regular phone lines.

When should I call 911?

Is calling 911 when you do not really have an emergency a crime?

When should I NOT call 911?

Questions Frequently Asked of Deputies   

Where is the Jail located?

What is the Sheriff’s Office Jurisdiction?

Why doesn’t the Sheriff Patrol the smaller cities?

What is the difference between a Police Chief and a Sheriff?

Can a Deputy Sheriff arrest people in the city and give traffic tickets?

How can I get a copy of my report or find out the status of my case?

How can I get a restraining order against someone?

How long does it take to have a Deputy respond to my call?

Do I have to give my name when reporting a crime?

Where can I go shooting?

Who can I contact for more information regarding the Reserves program?

What are the application steps to be considered for Reserve Deputy Sheriff?

We are currently taking applications from those individuals who possess?

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