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The Imperial County Sheriff’s Office, Corrections Division operates two jails with the construction of a third one breaking ground in 2016.

The Herbert Hughes Correctional Center (HHCC) was built in the early 1960’s and consists of six dormitory style housing units, kitchen, and a multipurpose room. It was named after Sheriff Herbert Hughes who served from 1955-1966. The majority of the inmates housed at HHCC are actively working and/or participating in inmate programs provided to them. HHCC houses male and female, sentenced and non-sentenced county and federal inmates with a total bed space of 314 beds. Inmates housed at HHCC can get in contact with their family members by using our newly installed video visitation kiosk in each of our dorms. All dorms were issued tablets that inmates can use to submit inmate request, medical request, and grievances.

The Regional Adult Detention Facility (RADF) was built in the late 1970’s but began housing inmates until August of 1981.  Similar to HHCC, RADF houses sentenced and non-sentenced federal and county male and female inmates with a total bed space of 288 beds.  This jail is made up of 12 housing units referred to as modules with cells that house up to two inmates per cell and a medical unit.  All inmates are first housed at RADF while a medical screening and classification interview is conducted before assigned a housing unit elsewhere at RADF or transferred over to HHCC.  Video Visitation Kiosks are currently not available at RADF but are planned to be in the future. 

  • For inmate information click: or call (442) 265-2220.
  • To deposit money into an inmate’s account, please visit the Telmate Kiosk located in our Front Office lobby or online at: .



It is the policy of the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office (ICSO) to comply with the provisions set forth in the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). ICSO has established a “Zero Tolerance” policy for sexual misconduct for incidents involving inmate-on-inmate sexual violence and staff misconduct/harassment towards inmates, regardless if it is  consensual or not.

For Further information on the Prison Rape Elimination Act at the Imperial County Sheriff's Office click here.

To view the Prison Rape Elimination Act audit report on the Imperial County Sheriff's Office Correctional facility click here.

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